Saturday, January 12, 2013

Melih Ozuysal

I was born in Aydın, Turkey in 1956. I started painting after a long period of acquaintance (1974, 75 and 76) and without a break, I have been painting ever since. I’ve been living my studio in İstanbul since 1986. I have not had university or academy training. I have had 13 personal exhibitions, the first in 1985, one aboard… I know that the less I say about my paintings, the more they will say about themselves. The best feature of my paintings is that they were all brought into being by the some hand, yet they have all taken on different temperaments and personalities from each other (if this suggests a lack of character on the artist’s part, it also shows just how much personality each of the pictures has). What is important is not an image that tells a story or creates an issue, but the blanks, stains, hoxys, lines, color texture and such –like images that can in themselves be pictures. For this reason when I start a painting, I am not being, it is better… I paint not with my thoughts, ideas, discoveries, but with my moods, the states of my spirit. That is why instead of communicating through thoughts or ideas or making people think, I like my paintings to communicate with people’s spirits. As someone who puts shadows (with color) in the light of life, my dream is to make my painting seem like they were not painted but that they just came to be of their own accord or they already existed but I enabled them to be seen. Sometimes a color that has not been used in a painting can make itself be felt to such a degree that it will become present in that some picture through its absence. This is the magic of painting and the secret of a good artist is hidden in this magic

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